The Golden Bear Master Association operates under the direction of a Board of Directors.  Golden Bear Master Association has five positions on its Executive Board. All of the positions are filled with volunteers who are homeowners within the community. The Board Members are APPOINTED by the Condo HOA Board and the Patio HOA Board for a term that lasts Three Years. On an annual basis, the offices of those appointed to Board positions are determined by the Board Members at their first Board Meeting of the year.

Board Meetings are regularly held on a bi-monthly basis. 2021 meetings will be held in odd numbered months, on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 2:30pm.  PLEASE NOTE: The March Board Meeting has been re-scheduled to 3/25 at 2:30pm, due to a scheduling conflict.  Board Meetings will be held at the Foster Management Office.  Board Meetings are open to all residents of the community, and you are encouraged to attend to become more involved in the activities of the Association.PLEASE NOTE:  Due to Covid-19 Precautions, HOA Board Meetings will be held via VIDEO CONFERENCE.  Please contact [email protected] for login instructions to the Video Conference, if you would like to participate. 

Current Board Members are:

  •    Beth Allen -Vice President-Patio Rep.               Term Ends 12/31/2022
  •    Brenda Hotchkiss-Secretary-Patio Rep.            Term Ends 12/31/2023
  •    Alice Rumsey-Treasurer-Patio Rep.                  Term Ends 12/31/2021
  •    Kathy Leach-President-Condo Rep.                  Term ends 12/31/2021
  •    Gary Scott-Mbr at Lrg-Condo Rep.                    Term ends 12/31/2022

In addition to the Board of Directors, there are a number of volunteers who head up committees:

Social Committee is the gang that gets together and organizes the social events for the community, with the annual summer barbeque being the highlight of the season. Come join us in putting out other fun activities for the neighborhood. Ideas could include delivering Welcome Packages, neighborhood block parties, or anything that you may have seen in other communities.

Social Committee Members:


The Landscape Committee is charged with the task beautifying the community through the design and selection of landscaping projects. The selected plans are either carried out by the Landscape Committee, or sub-contracted to a landscape contractor, depending on the magnitude of the project.

Landscape Committee:


Volunteers are needed for many aspects of the community. Please consider volunteering for a committee, as any time or experience that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please contact the management company to inform them of your interests, or attend an upcoming Board Meeting.