Pool Open

The Golden Bear Pool is officially open.  All users of the pool must be familiar with, and abide by the POOL RULES.  The pool is open at 8:00am thru 9:00pm daily.  Please remember that there is no lifeguard, therefore each user must use the pool at your own risk.  DO NOT USE THE POOL IN INCLIMATE WEATHER.

The Pool Key Card System remain the same.  Replacement key cards are available, with the payment of the $50 replacement fee.  Replacements cards must be requested from Foster Management.

In an effort to thwart vandalism and trespassing, please be advised that all activity at the pool is recorded.  Homeowners, and their guests, who violate the pool rules may be fined or lose pool use privileges.  It is every homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the pool is kept clean, safe, and enjoyable for all residents of the community.